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Monday, 23 January 2012

Putting ideas into practice

Hi Jenni et al
I've taken on board some of the ideas mentioned so far and had a meeting last week with the sessional who is taking my online ER unit.  Having previously provided lots of boring information and written assessments (although we have had online discussions) we have decided to try to utilise a few interactive ideas for the unit:
1) we are both going to make welcome videos as well as our usual written 'announcement'
2) for one assessment we're getting students to post a relevant ER news article with their views on why it's an important issue/implications etc and getting other students to respond with their views
3) instead of just writing a discussion question, we're going to make a short video posing the questions for the group to discuss - we hope this will get them more engaged in the discussion.
4) for another assessment we're going to get students to make a 3 minute video presentation of an allocated case study.  Other students will have to respond - although theirs can be written.

Any feedback on whether these ideas will work and any pitfalls to be aware of?  We've asked the blackboard people for assistance with how to set it up.


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  1. Hello Helen
    You've come up with some great ideas.
    Could you provide a bit more background e.g: What are the learning goals for the course (learning objectives)?, Who are you students? What type of jobs/activities would your course prepare students for in the real-world? You might like to have a look at the eDesign analysis worksheet & use it (or something similar) to articulate the answers to these questions, so we can see how the assignments you mention above align with your course.
    May I also suggest, there are a few ECU CLD staff in this course (Leitha, Michelle, & Alison), who might be happy to work with you & your tutor on this redesign :)